Climate History Network Member List

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Adamson, George. University of Brighton. 

Research Keywords: Climate and society in India. 

Akgul, Onder. Georgetown University. 

Research Keywords: Social and environmental history of the eastern Mediterranean, Ottoman Empire (1700-1918).

Alosso, Dan. University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history. 

Anderson, Donald R. Pierce College, Woodland Hills CA (Emeritus).

Research Keywords: Archaeology, volcanic Eruption impact on evolution and history.

Ashcroft, Linden. University of Melbourne. 

Research Keywords: Historical meteorological data recovery. 

Ashe, Teresa. Open University (UK). 

Research Keywords: Cultural history of climate change, Soviet conceptions of climate change, climate skepticism. 

Baker, Zeke. University of California, Davis.


Research Keywords: Historical sociology of climate science; history of meteorology; politics of science.

Baram,Uzi. New College of Florida.


Research Keywords: Heritage studies, historical archaeology, race and ethnicity.

Barber, Daniel. Harvard Center for the Environment. 

Research Keywords: Climate and architecture. 

Barber, Keith. University of Southampton.


Research Keywords: Palaeoecology, palaeoclimate, human impacts of past climate change.

Bas, Dursun. Middle East Technical University.

Research Keywords: Central Anatolia climate and vegetation history.

Bashir Ahmad. Sri Pratap School.

Research Keywords: History of climate disasters.

Bauch, Martin. German Historical Institute, Rome.


Research Keywords: Late Medieval C;imate History; Central Europe; Italy; Siena; Bologna; impact research; resilience and vulnerability of societies; volcanic eruptions and their climatic impact during the Middle Ages.

Baur, Nicole. University of Glasgow. 

Research Keywords: Climate change and human health. 

Bickers, Margaret. Kansas State University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of the American Southwest. 

Biggs, Lindy. University of Auburn. 

Research Keywords: History of technology; environmental history. 

Blatchford, Barrie. Columbia University.

Research Keywords: Environmental history, history of science, human-animal studies.

Bonneau, Nicholas. CSU Northridge. 

Research Keywords: Atlantic history, global and environmental history. 

Booker, Matthew. North Carolina State University. 

Research Keywords: American environmental and climate history. 

Brooke, John. Ohio State University. 

Research Keywords: Colonial and nineteenth-century American history; environmental history; climate history of the world. 

Bruno, Andy. Florida State University.

Research Keywords: Russian environmental and climate histories. 

Camenisch, ChantalUniversität Bern. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, climate and weather impacts, climate reconstructions and perceptions of weather in late medieval and early modern Europe.

Carey, Alison. Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Research Keywords: I run American Revolutions: the United States History Cycle, a 10 year program of commissioning 37 new plays about moments of change in United States history, and want to more thoroughly support playwrights who are interested in writing about the history of human/environment interplay.

Carey, Mark. University of Oregon. 

Research Keywords: Climate change and disasters in Latin America. 

Carlsson-Hyslop, Anna. Independent Researcher. 

Research Keywords: History of science and meteorology.

Carnegy, Fred. University College London. 

Research Keywords: Seventeenth-century Spain and Andalucía. Revolts and the Little Ice Age.

Cavert, William. The University of St. Thomas. 

Research Keywords: Air pollution, urban history, Little Ice Age, British history. 

Cheyette, Frederic. Amherst College.

Research Keywords: Medieval Europe, landscape and climate. 

Chittick, Sharla. University of Stirling. 

Research Keywords: Native American history; environmental history. 

Christensen, Jon. University of California. 

Research Keywords: History of science; environmental and climate histories. 

Clement, Kerri. Montana State University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, spatial history, the American West, neo-materialism. 

Coen, Ross. University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Research Keywords: Rural environmental history, renewable energy. 

Collet, Dominik. Heidelberg University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, historical climatology, famines during the Little Ice Age

Collins-Key, Savannah. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


Research Keywords: Dendroclimatology; climate reconstruction; historical hurricanes, floods, & wildfires; environmental and agricultural US policy history; Icelandic forestry & climatological history.

Culver, Lawrence. Utah State University.


Research Keywords: Cultural history of climate and climate change; environmental history; history of the North American West and U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

Cunigan, Nicholas. University of Kansas. CHN newsletter editor. 

Research Keywords: Atlantic climate history, indigenous history. 

Davis, Michael. U.C. Riverside (emeritus).

Research Keywords: ENSO, droughts, famines, NAO

Degroot, Dagomar. Georgetown University. CHN co-director. 


Research Keywords: Resilience and adaptation to past climate changes. Conflict and climate change in the Arctic and the Atlantic world. Environmental history of outer space. 

Dell, Twyla. Independent Researcher. 

Research Keywords: Energy history, Kansas history. 

Demuth, Bathsheba. University of California, Berkeley. CHN social media coordinator. 

Research Keywords: Arctic, climate, animal populations, energy, Russian and Alaskan environmental history.

Devor, Teresa. University of New Brunswick. 

Research Keywords: The Little Ice Age in the North Atlantic. 

Di Taranto, Nicholas. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Research Keywords: US environmental policy, international environmental policy and management, urban environmental history, transportation and environment. 

Dieterich-Ward, Allen. Shippensburg University. 

Research Keywords: Energy, political economy, and twentieth-century America. 

Diodato, Nazzareno. Met European Research Observatory. 

Research Keywords: Climate models, reconstruction of European temperatures. 

Duncan, Colin. Queen's University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, Canadian history. 

Dyl, Joanna. Independent Scholar. 


Research Keywords: Environmental history, natural disasters and resilience, coastal environments. 

Ebert, Stephan. TU Darmstadt. 


Research Keywords: Environmental History, History of the Middle Ages, Cultural responses to natural impacts, Droughts, Wetness, Dendrochronology, Volcanoes

Egan, Michael. McMaster University. 

Research Keywords: History of science, North American environmental history. 

Ekberg, Kristoffer. Chalmers University of Technology.


Research Keywords: Climate change, history of knowledge, environmental history, social movements, Utopian theory.

Engel, Annabell. GWZO Leipzig. 

Research Keywords: Late Middle Ages, Central Europe, Little Ice Age, Dantean Anomaly

Evans, Chris. University of South Wales. 

Research Keywords: Energy use in the early modern world; heating technologies (domestic and industrial) in the Little Ice Age. 

Falkowski, Mateusz Jerzy. New York University. 

Research Keywords: Early modern environmental history of the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. 

Fenby, Claire. University of Melbourne. 

Research Keywords: Historical climate in Australia. 

Figueiredo, Ricardo M. Federal University of Minas Gerais and Univsersité Laval.

Research Keywords: Historical climatology in Brazil. 

Fitzgerald, Gerard J. George Mason University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, the histories of technology and industrialization, military history, the histories of medicine and public health, the history of science. 

Foret, Philippe. SAGUF, University of Zurich.

Research Keywords: History of geography, cartography, and the earth sciences, modern China and central Asia, geography of knowledge, travels, explorations, and colonial science, response to climate change, Anthropocene and post-Anthropocene.

Fragoso, Marcelo. Centro de Estudos Geográficos (Universidade de Lisboa).


Research Keywords: History of climate; climate reconstruction, documentary data

Frank, Thomas. University of the South Pacific Waiser. 

Research Keywords: Multi-proxy climate reconstructions. 

Frogley, Michael. University of Sussex.

Research Keywords: Palaeoclimate; Andean climate and land use change; Indian Ocean World; eastern Mediterranean; climate smart agriculture; volcanic impacts.

Garden, Donald. University of Melbourne. 

Research Keywords: Climate and environmental histories of Australia. 

Garone, Philip. CSU Stanislaus. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of California. 

Gasteyer, Stephen. Michigan State University. 

Research Keywords: Natural resource management. 

Gergis, Joëlle. University of Melbourne. 

Research Keywords: Palaeoclimatology, El Nino, Australian historical climatology and climate history.

Giosan, Liviu. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Research Keywords: Landscapes, climate, civilizations, Black Sea, South Asia.

Goldstein, Barry. University of Puget Sound.

Research Keywords: Late-Quaternary climate and landscape change.

Goodwin, Ian. Macquarie University. 

Research Keywords: Climate change and Polynesian journeys of exploration. 

Grant, Daniel. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research Keywords: Environmental history and historical geography of environmental disaster in 19th- and 20th-century American West; history of planning, policy, and infrastructure; climate history.

Grau-Satorras, Mar. Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Research Keywords: Adaptation to climate change; droughts; early modern period; long-term perspective; multilevel governance.

Gray, Robert. University of Winchester. 

Research Keywords: Cultural constructions of climate, historical climatology and landscape history in Britain and Central Europe.

Hafner, Albert. University of Bern.


Research Keywords: Holocene human-environment interactions, Neolithic, Bronze Age, wetland archaeology, alpine archaeology.

Haliuc, Aritina. The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest.

Research Keywords: Past climate dynamics, lake sediments as climate and environmental change archives, geological/geochemical and biological proxies, sediments with seasonal cycles of deposition (varves), fire history reconstructions based on macro-charcoal analysis from peat and lake sediment sequences, volcanic ash (tephra) as important chronostratigraphic markers. 

Hall, Alexander. Coventry University. 

Research Keywords: History of science and meteorology (focus 20th century), disasters, weather warnings, risk and blame narratives.

Hambrecht, George. University of Maryland.

Research Keywords: Environmental Archaeology Historical Ecology Medieval and Early Modern North Atlantic NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organization) IHOPE (Integrated History and Future of People on Earth)

Hannaford, Matthew. Utrecht University.

Research Keywords: Climate, history and society in the African tropics and subtropics; climate history of north-west Europe. 

Hanson, Lorelei. Athabasca University. 

Research Keywords: Canadian rural environmental history. 

Hardenberg, Wilko Graf von. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. 

Research Keywords: Italian history, social history of the environment. Digital humanities. History of nature conservation, management, and rhetoric in the Alps.

Harper, Kyle. University of Oklahoma.


Research Keywords: Climate change; Roman Empire; late antiquity; early middle ages; infectious disease.

Hartman, Steven. Mid Sweden University.

Research Keywords: North Atlantic, Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, British Isles, Icelandic Sagas, Literary Texts, Normative Documents, Longue Durée, Integrated Environmental Study

Hauser, Jason. Mississippi State University.

Research Keywords: American South, environmental, cultural, intellectual histories.

Henderson, Gabriel. Aarhus University.

Research Keywords: Climate politics, environmental history, history of science.

Hernandez, Rudolfo. Tsinghau University. 

Research Keywords: Air pollution and construction of air quality indexes. 

Herzberg, Julia. Rachel Carson Center. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history and climate history in Russia. 

Higgins, David. University of Leeds.

Research Keywords: Culture and climate; Romanticism; Tambora; climate pessimism.

Hrvoje, Petrić. University of Zagreb.

Research Keywords: Early modern environmental history.

Hoffmann, Richard C. York University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of medieval and early modern aquatic ecosystems. 

Homsher, Robert S. Harvard University (UK). 

Research Keywords: Mid- to late-Holocene human/environmental dynamics in the Near East. 

Howe, Josh. Montana State University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, history of science, global warming. 

Huang, Wen-Yi. McGill University.


Research Keywords: Migration, environmental history, and the social and political history of cities in pre-modern China. Dissertation: “Negotiating Boundaries: Cross-Border Migrants in Early Medieval China."

Huhtamaa, Heli. University of Eastern Finland/University of Bern.

Research Keywords: Climate history of northeastern Europe, food system vulnerability and resilience to climatic anomalies.

Ingoglia, Robert. Saint Thomas Aquinas College.

Research Keywords: History of Climate; Little Ice Age; Medieval History (European).

Jeason, Njong. University of Buea Cameroon. 

Research Keywords: The environmental history of southwestern and northwestern Cameroon. 

Jensen, Anne. Bryn Mawr College, University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Research Keywords: Arctic archaeology, paleoeconomy, paleoenvironment, Thule, Inuit, Ipiutak, Alaska, coastal archaeology, coastal erosion, marine mammals.

Johnson, Matthew. Georgetown University.

Research Keywords: Twentieth-century environmental history, global environmental history, resource extraction, mining, strategic minerals, oil, dam-building, Americas, Latin America.

Jonsson, Fredrik Albritton. University of Chicago. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, political economy, history of science.

Kahle, Michael. University Freiburg, Physical Geography.


Research Keywords: CRE (collaborative research environment), historical climatology software development web development database.

Kearns, Catherine. Stanford University.

Research Keywords: Climate-society interactions, human-environment relationships, social environments, Anthropocene, political ecology, environmental history, carbon stable isotope analysis. Region: Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean

Kiss, Andrea. University of Szeged.

Research Keywords: Medieval historical climatology and climate history.

Klanovicz, Jó. Mid West State University of Paraná. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of Brazil. 

Kleemann, Katrin. Rachel Carson Center.

Research Keywords: Impacts of volcanic eruptions, historical climatology and environmental history of the early modern world. 

Kulkarni, Balasaheb. Society for Health of Ocean Resources and Health, Mumbai.

Research Keywords: Climate change, fishermen & climate change, coastal biodiversity.

Kulkarni, Charuta. CUNY Graduate Center. 


Research Keywords: Climate of the Common Era, palaeoecology, human impacts of past climate change, resilience of socio-ecological systems.

Kužić, Krešimir. Independent Researcher.

Research Keywords: Impact of weather anomalies according to written sources, Pilgrimages, Astrognosy in medieval tombstones.

Labbé, Thomas. University of Burgundy.


Research Keywords: Disaster history, climate and weather impacts, vineyard harvest dates, Middle Ages, Western Europe

Langston, Nancy. Michigan Technological University.


Research Keywords: Climate change and toxics; Lake Superior; climate change and animal migrations.

Lawson, Shona. Utrecht University. 

Research Keywords: International climate agreements since 1992; whether or not their success/failure has impacted sub-national climate agreements.

Lee, Jongmin. University of Science and Technology, Korea.

Research Keywords: Air pollution, regulation, regulatory engineering, environmental history, transnational history, expertise, public participation.

Lehmann, Philipp. Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. 

Research Keywords: History of climatology, desertification, and engineered climate change.

Lemmen, Carsten. Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht.


Research Keywords: Long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER), culture-climate coupling, Holocene, transitions to agropastoralism, ecosystem modelling, socio-economic systems modelling.

Ljungqvist, Fredrik Charpentier. Stockholm University. 

Research Keywords: Multi-proxy reconstructions, statistical analysis of past climate, impacts of climate change on human societies back in time.

Ludlow, Francis. Trinity College Dublin.


Research Keywords: Climate history, historical climatology, environmental history, historical geography, volcanic impacts on climate and society.

Lundstad, Elin. Norwegian Meteorological Institute. 

Research Keywords: Homogenization of instrumental series, history of meteorological stations in Norway.

MacEachern, Alan. Western University.


Research Keywords: Canadian environmental & meteorological history; data rescue; climate disasters.

Maddox, Gregory. Texas Southern University.

Research Keywords: African environmental history. 

Malcolm, Aylin. University of Pennsylvania.


Research Keywords: Medieval and early modern, environmental humanities, history of science.

Manning, Joseph. Yale University. 

Research Keywords: Climate history of the Mediterranean and Near East/North Africa, first millennium BC. 

Martínez-González, José Luis. University of Barcelona.


Research Keywords: Climate change in economics and economic history, business cycles and climate, british agrarian revolution, climate, nitrogen, landrace seeds, climate change versus economic thought

Maughan, Nicolas. Aix-Marseille University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental, climate and infectious diseases history in the Mediterranean World.

Mauelshagen, Franz. Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen. 

Research Keywords: Histories of climate and catastrophe in Germany. 

McGovern, Thomas. Anthropology Dept. & Zooarchaeology Lab Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY.


Research Keywords: Environmental Archaeology, North Atlantic, NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organization), Iceland, Greenland.

McNally, Lou. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Research Keywords: Climatic reconstructions using ship logbooks and other documentary evidence.

McNeill, John R. Georgetown University. 

Research Keywords: World history, environmental history of the industrial revolution, disease and climate histories of the Caribbean, mediterranean environmental history.

Medawar, Eric. University of Connecticut.


Research Keywords: Byzantine history, early Islamic history, medieval history, medieval Anatolian climate history, medieval epidemiology, dendrochronology, palynology.

McClure, James. Princeton University.

Research Keywords: Documentary records of Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries.

Mercer, Harriet. University of Oxford.

Research Keywords: Climate, El Niños, Migration, Empire, Australia, Zealand, Pacific.

Metzger, Alexis. University of Limoges. 

Research Keywords: Climate history and art history (France, Netherlands), winter landscapes, floods.

Montenegro, Alvaro. Ohio State University.

Research Keywords: Paleoclimate modeling, ocean voyaging modeling, environmental constraints to past human migrations.

Mora, Katherinne. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Research Keywords: Vulnerability, Adaptation, Climate history, 17th to 19th centuries, New Granada-Colombia.

Mordechai, Lee. Princeton University/University of Notre Dame.


Research Keywords: Byzantine history; environmental history; social history; late antique history; natural hazards; resilience; digital humanities.

Morrissey, Robert. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

Research Keywords: Native Americans in the tallgrass prairie region, 1200-1850 CE. 

Mostern, Ruth. University of California, Merced.

Research Keywords: China, historical GIS, rivers, Yellow River, state power.

Mouhot, Jean-François. A Rocha aux Courmettes. 

Research Keywords: French environmental history, energy history, ethics of anthropogenic climate change. 

Newfield, Timothy. Georgetown University. 

Research Keywords: Late Antique/Medieval Western Eurasia, Agriculture, Animals, Climate, Disease, Health. 

Nichols, Jeff. Westminster College. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of the American West. 

Norrgård, Stefan. Åbo Akademi University. 

Research Keywords: Reconstructing West African rainfall, 18th century.

O'Bergin, Jonathan. Xiamen University. 

Research Keywords: Climate Change, Empires and Agriculture. 

Oliva, Mara. University of Reading.


Research Keywords: U.S. foreign policy, national security, climate change, climate diplomacy.

Panagiotopoulos, Dimitris. Agricultural University of Athens.


Research Keywords: Climate history, rural history.

Patterson, David. University of Michigan.

Research Keywords: Early medieval weather and climate; cultural history; natural disasters and premodern climate change.

Pei, Qing. The University of Hong Kong. 

Research Keywords: Statistical analysis of economic, agricultural, and military ramifications of climate change. 

Penna, Anthony. Northeastern University. 

Research Keywords: Global environmental history; natural disasters. 

Phipps, Steven. University of Tasmania.


Research Keywords: Climate modelling, Antarctica, Southern Hemisphere, climate of the past 2,000 years, PAGES2k Network.

Piper, Liza. University of Alberta. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of Canada; Canadian climate reconstructions. 

Pfister, Christian. University of Bern. 

Research Keywords: Climate history of Europe; methodology of historical climatology. 

Pineda, Yovanna. University of Central Florida. 

Research Keywords: Agricultural development, farm technology, climate, arid regions, drought, Latin America, Argentina and Brazil.

Powell, Stephen. Fordham University.

Research Keywords: Medieval climate, economics, transportation and colonization.

Power, Amanda. University of Oxford.

Research Keywords: Medieval histories of the Anthropocene; medieval religious, cultural and intellectual history in the 'global middle ages'; environmental history.

Preiser-Kapeller, Johannes. Australian Academy of Sciences. 

Research Keywords: Climate and society in the medieval eastern Mediterranean.

Quickel, Anthony T. Philipps-Universität Marburg.


Research Keywords: Historical climate change, agriculture, and land use in Mamluk and Ottoman Egypt. Coordinator of the EGYLandscape Project - a brand new 3-year, French-German project in mapping and understanding environmental history in Egypt from the 13-18th centuries.

Reid, David. Rutgers University. 

Research Keywords: Latin America; water politics; irrigation; border issues.

Rice, James. SUNY Plattsburgh. 

Research Keywords: Climate history of Native Americans. 

Ritvo, Harriet. MIT. 

Research Keywords: Animals in history; British environmental history. 

Robb, Douglas. University of Technology, Sydney.

Research Keywords: Landscape architecture, critical urban theory, anthropocene studies, infrastructure, multi-level governance.

Robin, Libby. Australian National University. 

Research Keywords: History of science; climate and environmental history of Australia. 

Rohland, Eleonora. Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Essen. 

Research Keywords: Historical disaster studies; climate history; American colonial environmental history. 

Rohr, Christian. University of Bern. 

Research Keywords: Climate history of Europe. 

Rowlatt, Linnéa. University of Kent and Freie Universität Berlin. 

Research Keywords: Religious views of nature during climate change (LIA and ACGW).

Rumore, Gina. University of Minnesota. 

Research Keywords: American environmental history, history of conservation. 

Satorras, Mar Grau. Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Research Keywords: Adaptation to climate change; droughts; early modern period; long-term perspective; multilevel governance.

Sayres, Shaun. University of New Hampshire. 

Research Keywords: Dutch-Amerindian relations in seventeenth-century North America through the lens of the colonial gunpowder trade. European/First Nations interactions in a changing climate. 

Schultz, Ronald. University of Wyoming.

Research Keywords: Use of Niche Construction Theory and Gene-Culture Coevolution to explain Global Environmental History.

Shay, Tom. University of Manitoba.

Research Keywords: Pollen, macrofossils, Holocene, historical climatology, 18th-19th centuries.

Skopyk, Bradley. Binghamton University.

Research Keywords: Environmental and climate histories of colonial Mexico. 

Strawhacker, Colleen. National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado.


Research Keywords: Archaeology; cyberinfrastructure; climate vulnerability in marginal environments; North Atlantic; US Southwest.

Kearns, Catherine. Stanford University.

Research Keywords: Climate-society interactions, human-environment relationships, social environments, Anthropocene, political ecology, environmental history, carbon stable isotope analysis. Region: Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean

Sundberg, Adam. Creighton University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental histories of climate, disaster, and technology in the eighteenth-century Netherlands. 

Thomas, Julia Adeney. University of Notre Dame. 

Research Keywords: Methodology of climate history; Japanese history.

Todd, Gregory F. University of Edinburgh.

Research Keywords: History of geology

Vidal, Jean-Philippe. Irstea, Hydrology-Hydraulics Research Unit. 


Research Keywords: Meteorological and hydrological reconstructions in France.

Waiser, Bill. University of Saskatchewan. 

Research Keywords: Histories of northern and western Canada; environmental history. 

Waldinger, Maria. London School of Economics.

Research Keywords: Economics of climate change in history, econometric analysis, Little Ice Age, economic and political outcomes.

Ward, Catharine. Brunel University. 

Research Keywords: Historical climatology, data rescue and climate reconstruction using weather recorded in ships' logbooks. 

Warsh, Molly. University of Pittsburgh. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history of Caribbean fisheries; early modern North America; world history. 

Whalen, Philip. Coastal Carolina University.


Research Keywords: Burgundy, Wine, Historical Geography, Terroir.

White, Sam. Ohio State University. CHN co-director. 

Research Keywords: Ottoman and early North American climate histories; environmental history of animals. 

Whittow, Mark. Oxford University.

Research Keywords: Global middle ages, especially in Byzantium.

Wicaksono, Satrio. Brown University. 

Research Keywords: Paleoclimatology; historical climatology of Indonesia. 

Wickman, Thomas. Trinity College. 

Research Keywords: Winters and Wintering in Northeastern North America. 

Williams, Andrea. Colorado State University. 

Research Keywords: Mediterranean environmental history in the modern era.

Williamson, Fiona. National University of Singapore and Climatic Research Unit. 

Research Keywords: Climate history, extreme weather, disaster, history of meteorological science, historic weather observations.

Wilson, Robert. Syracuse University. 

Research Keywords: Historical geography, animals and society, climate-change history and politics, environmentalism.

Wolfe, Mikael. Stanford University.

Research Keywords: Climate history of the Mexican Revolution. 

Wyszyński, Przemysław. Nicolaus Copernicus University. 


Research Keywords: Arctic, early instrumental data, climate reconstruction.

Zilberstein, Anya. Concordia University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history and climate in colonial Nova Scotia and New England.

Zizzamia, Daniel. Montana State University. 

Research Keywords: Environmental history, the history of science, the history of technology, envirotech, climate history, and the American West.

Zwitter, Žiga. University of Ljubljana.

Research Keywords: Environmental history, early modern period, archival sources, historical climatology, forest history, history of natural hazards and disasters, water history, agricultural history, territory of present day-Slovenia, SE Europe.