Climate History Network Zotero Bibliographical Project



The Climate History Network maintains an extensive Zotero bibliographical database.  This database contains thousands of citations relevant to the interdisciplinary study of past climate and its role in human history. It is an essential resource for teaching and research in climate history. 

If you would like to join the network, click here. If you would like to contribute to the database, please contact Dr. Sam White. The database may be viewed by the public, but it can only be edited by members invited by the CHN administrators.

Our quarterly newsletters also list new articles in climate history. 

Guidelines for Members

The Climate History Network Bibliographical Database is meant to serve as a shared resource for locating and citing published scholarly material relevant to intersection of climate and history.  Please observe the following guidelines when adding or editing entries:

  1. Use discretion in adding sources:  Consider whether the material is reliable, current, and relevant to the field.
  2. Add all the necessary information so that members can use the citation feature to produce correct footnotes and bibliographies.  Be sure to include full names of at the least the first four authors, full titles, year of publication, full journal titles, journal volume numbers (not issue numbers), and page numbers.  For books and chapters, also include editors, place of publication, and publisher.
  3. Use appropriate formatting and capitalization, preferably according to the Chicago Manual of Style (although exceptions should be made for sources in foreign languages with different standards of formatting).
  4. Use the “Notes” features to add any relevant information or comments about the source.  Please include your name on any notes.
  5. When importing information using Zotero’s import feature, check to make sure that it has put all information in the right format into the correct categories.  Zotero often switches first and last names of authors, so always check these entries.